A wider audience – German localization

Well, you are thinking of making your story accessible to a wider audience.
That’s a great step.

Of course, English is a global language and it’s understood almost all over the world; but ‘almost understood’ is not similar to ‘really understood’.
You want your community’s best attention, because you have something to say. And that’s where I can help you.

We will be in constant communication to make the best of your script and to avoid errors in translation.
Please make sure to describe the context of your game.
It is important to know the point of time your game is set in, the types of characters your protagonists are, and if you want to approach your community in a formal or informal way.

I need as much information as possible to do an exact German localization that you can
trust. Besides, the source text has to be in English, irrespective of the language used in the original text.

I’m not a professional localization manager, but I know how to play with German words to say exactly what you have in mind.
By the way, I can also help you with your steam shop page, kick-starter campaign or advertising text upon request.

Are you interested? Feel free to contact me for details.