voice acting

You need a female or male voice for a speaking role?
Feel free to contact me!

My partner and I would love to try and give a soul to your character.

singing voice

You need a female or male voice for a composition?
I am always willing to lend my soprano voice for nice projects.

Oh, you are looking for male support?
No problem, I can refer you to my partner, who would love to lend you his bass voice.

We also do complete soundtracks for indie games! Our band  Northpolyptica  will support you with our unique sound.


  • voice acting in “TheNightfall” by VIS-Games (e.g. Pineview Drive, Obscuritas …): male role
  • debut album of Northpolyptica as soundtrack in “TheNightfall” by VIS-Games
  • main theme of “The Woods” by Moonware Games

recording equipment
Rode NT1-A microphone
Presonus AudioBox Interface