The key to be heard – German text services

As an indie game developer, you are probably an unconventional thinker, a doer, and a visionary.
You have a dream and want this dream to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.

The key to be heard is the key to be understood—language.

Accurate localization can greatly help you raise the number of your customers.

As a professional media designer, my endeavour would be to present your idea in a proper light.
Depending on my various interests, I don’t want to be confined to big companies.
I want to work with artists with little budget, especially indie development studios.

Armed with my mastery of the German language, I aim to help my clients express themselves the way their customers want them to.

I’m not a professional localization manager, but my talent lies in producing complex German texts in speech and writing—poetic or to the point, narrative or direct discourse, grammatically and orthographically exact—conforming to your pattern.

I can offer you the following services:

– Complete German localization based on an original English text or translation,
Proofreading of existing German texts, and
– Even German audio support (speaking and singing voice)

My prices depend on your project. Non-profit and small-budget productions can be realized for a credit or a modest fee. The contact language is either English or German.